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Why is DIY Junk Removal Not Recommended

No matter how frequently you de-clutter your home, there will always be a buildup of junk. Junk is unavoidable. Some people discard junk every now and then, while others accumulate heaps of useless stuff in their backyards.

Accumulation of junk not only reduces the space that’s available to you but also affects the aesthetics of your property. Nobody likes piles of junk on their premises, but junk removal takes a lot of time, and not everyone can make time for it.

If you’re done accumulating junk and want to get rid of it ASAP, you may already be planning to get to work yourself over the weekend. While it all seems doable right now, we won’t suggest DIY junk removal. You may think that junk removal is something you can do yourself. It’s not that easy and straightforward, especially if your junk comprises bulky items.

Let’s see why we don’t recommend DIY junk removal.

Organizing junk Isn’t Easy

You can’t discard and dump everything just like that. Different items are supposed to be discarded in a different manner. You need to organize your junk before discarding it. Junk is organized into various categories like recyclable, hazardous, fragile, etc. it’s something that can be a little too much for you alone, and this is where you can take advantage of professional junk removal companies.

Junk Contains Bulky Items

While you can organize and discard smaller and lighter junk, removal of heavier, bulkier items requires proper tools and skill. You can’t lift heavy items alone. Even if you manage to take help from your friends and neighbors, you might not know how to lift and move large items.

Risk of Injury

Trying to move bulky items, like electronics or furniture can cause serious injuries, and it is highly discouraged. You don’t have the right skill or tools needed to do the job, and the chances of things going wrong are pretty high with DIY junk removal. Professional junk removal companies have got the right equipment like cranes, and their workers are trained to handle various types of junk, which you, on the other hand, aren’t.

Time Consuming

Doing something that isn’t your cup of tea will take you longer as compared to doing something that you’re an expert at. If you try to get rid of the junk yourself, it’ll take you several hours to sort, organize and dispose of junk. At the same time, it’s only a matter of an hour or two for professionals.


You may think that you’re saving money by not hiring a professional junk removal company, when in reality. DIY junk removal will cost you more. You’ll have to purchase certain tools and rent a van or dumpster to dispose of your junk at the right place. The cost of all of this combined will be more than what professional junk removal will cost you.

DIY junk removal is a bad idea. Apart from putting yourself at risk of getting hurt or injured, you’re throwing away precious hours that you can spend doing something more productive. If you just can’t stand your backyard-cum-junkyard, hire a professional junk removal company and have them take care of your junk for you.