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When Should You Dispose Of Your Old Furniture?

Your furniture doesn’t come with an expiry date, so you can’t really know when it should be disposed of. Many people hold on to their old furniture despite knowing that it looks worn out because their furniture holds sentimental value for them. Most people dispose of their old furniture when it either tears open or completely gives way. For others, figuring out if it’s about time to bid goodbye to their beloved armchair or the sofa set can be tough.

If you’re wondering if your furniture has finally reached the age, even though it isn’t quite evident, you might benefit from the list of signs that indicate that your furniture has gotten too old and that you should consider disposing of it.

Creaking Sounds

One of the first signs of aging furniture is the typical creaking sound every time you sit on it. The creaking sound indicates structural damage to your furniture, which is a result of wear and tear from regular use. The metal and wooden components present inside your furniture can become weak over time, which is what causes the noise. Furniture that has started to make popping and creaking sounds is no more comfortable, and it’s best if you discard it and replace it with a new one.


Sagging furniture is of no real good. It neither looks good, nor is it comfortable. Sagging in furniture could be due to worn out cushions and padding, or it could be due to damage to the frame of your furniture. While there is always an option to get your sagging furniture repaired, it is more appropriate if you get rid of your aged furniture and revamp the appearance of your home with some modern furniture pieces.

Scratches and Rips

When your furniture develops visible scratches or rips open, you should consider disposing of it. A piece of furniture that has ripped open serves no real purpose, except affecting the aesthetics of your home. If you’ve pets at home, your furniture may start to appear worn out sooner than later. If your furniture isn’t too old, you can get it polished or get the fabric changed. However, if creaking sounds accompany scratches and tears, you should call a junk removal company to help you get rid of your old furniture.

Stains and Odors

While minor stains can be cleaned using furniture cleaning products, you might want to get professional cleaning services for tougher stains. Moreover, if you’ve got a pet at home, chances that they might have peed on your sofa at least a few times are quite high. As a result, your furniture develops a tough stain on the surface and a strong foul odor that gets hard to stand with time. If that is the case with your furniture, you need to dispose of your old furniture right away. You’ve no idea how many bacteria might have grown on the organic feed that your pet has provided the cushions!


If your furniture is scratched, broken, uncomfortable, smelly, or noisy, it is doing no good to you or your home. The best thing is to dispose of your old furniture. A professional furniture removal company can help you get rid of your worn-out furniture conveniently, without you having to do much.