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Moving a Hot Tub Efficiently – 5 Tips You Need to Know

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Having a hot tub, a.k.a., an in-house spa feels amazing until you have to move it elsewhere. As exhilarating as bringing in a hot tub is, hot tub removal is incredibly tiring and stressful. A lot of people may assume that they can move it on their own, with the help of some extra hands. However, little do they realize that hot tubs weigh several hundred pounds, which is a little too much for a few amateurs!

While moving a hot tub on your own isn’t recommended, it isn’t unachievable. Hiring professional hot tub movers is the best way to go about it, but if you’re adamant on DIY hot tub removal, follow the tips below to be able to do it efficiently.

1. Arrange For Supplies

You can’t just wake up one day, call your neighbors and friends, and move the hot tub out. It requires adequate planning and preparation starting with arranging for supplies. Some of the most essential supplies that you will need to move your hot tub include moving straps, two furniture dollies, measuring supplies, plywood pieces, and cleaning supplies. All of these listed items are easily available at all local home improvement stores, so this part won’t be much of a hassle. Also, make sure to ask the store the weight-bearing capacity of the dollies to ensure that they don’t break during the process.

2. Have Your Moving Truck Ready

Having your moving truck ready before you remove your hot tub is essential. You have to be sure that the moving truck you’re planning to use for the process is suitable in terms of the size and weight of your hot tub. Moving a hot tub comes with a lot of work, which is why hiring professional hot tub movers is highly recommended.

3. Keep Assistance Ready

You can’t possibly move your hot tub on your own. Part of planning is having assistance ready so that you don’t have to waste your time looking around for someone who can give you a hand. Therefore, you must have it all planned and sorted before you get on to moving your hot tub.

4. Check Your Surroundings

Analyzing your surroundings before moving a hot tub is very important to ensure that it is doable. Depending on where you want to move your hot tub (downstairs, upstairs, or to a new house) and the route you will take (across the yard, stairs, etc.), you have to decide if DIY hot tub moving is actually doable.

5. Removing the Hot Tub

Once you’ve everything planned and chalked out, you can now remove your hot. You should start by disconnecting the hot tub from all the wires and cords and pack them securely. Secondly, depending on the model, drain all the water out to finally prepare it to be removed and moved.


Moving a hot tub is not an easy task. It is highly difficult and technical, which is why most people opt for hiring professional hot tub movers, which is actually a very wise thing to do. However, moving a hot tub yourself is difficult but not impossible. Following the tips listed above can help you move your hot tub efficiently!