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How to practice a Minimalistic Mindset on Moving Day

If you think this blog is only for people who are or aspire to become minimalistic, you may not be entirely correct. Yes, if you believe in minimalism or want to give it a try, this could be a great starting point, but anyone who has to shift in the near future can benefit from what we will now be looking at.

Having a minimalistic mindset is not what most people are capable of doing. While we all know how it can bring major changes in our lives like the peace of mind and several other benefits with regards to our lifestyle, practicing it can be a difficult task. This is why it can be really helpful to do at least something close to it or take your first step before your moving day.

Why is That the Case?

When you move to a new house, whether it is smaller or bigger than the existing one, you always want to make some changes. For example, your bedroom might be bigger or smaller, there may be some extra spaces in the new place or even if it is just a change of location, you would still want to have some changes in the outlook. Things as small as the angle of your bed can bring a great change in how your room looks. Hence, once you know that you are shifting, it is the best time that you can think of ways to not only renovate but also change your habitat a bit to make it healthier.

How Can I do This?

While most of us know that we need to get rid of things, many fail to find the starting point. Hence, here are some simple steps that can help you in practicing this mindset without giving up.

Step 1

Pick one room at a time. Take a look around the room calmly and notice everything you own. Now try to analyze how often you use all of these items that are just lying around and may not be that useful.

Step 2

Make three lists. One would consist of items that are a necessity and there is no way you can live without them. The second would be of things that you do not need and will never have use of in the future too. The last list is of things that you are confused about, things that you may want to hold back to but are possibly of no use.

Step 3

You know exactly what to do with items on the first and second lists. For the last one, you can apply the 90/90 rule to get a clearer idea. If you have not used these things in the past 90 days and will not do so in the coming 90 days as well, you probably need to get rid of them.

Okay, but What do I do with All this Junk?

Now that you have finally decided what to keep, all you have to do is call a junk removal company and they will take care of everything that needs to be dumped!

This whole process will not only make the shifting process easier with fewer possessions but will also provide you with the peace of mind and the opportunity to be creative in your new house.

Once you are done with the above steps, feel free to contact us so that your junk removal needs can be taken care of by the company who not only treats it as a business but believes that it is their civic duty to keep the surrounding clean!

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