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How To Dispose Of Your Mattress

You are deciding to get a new mattress for your back. It can be for any reason. Maybe your existing mattress has completed its useful life or you are now interested in buying the mattress of a new design. Whatever the reason, the point is that you have to dispose of your old mattress to make some space for the new one.

You’d be surprised to know that in the US, between 15 and 20 million mattresses are discarded in the landfills everywhere. The American government is seriously looking for ways to bring this number down to reduce waste. We always advise homeowners to discard their mattresses responsibly.

You cannot throw your mattress out on the street, causing inconvenience to the passersby. This is why it is important to discard it in an efficient manner. If you are not sure how to do it, there are some ways to dispose of your mattress.

Ways to Dispose of Your Mattress

Here are some of the most common ways that can help you dispose of your mattress in an efficient manner.

Mattress Recycling

Do you know that almost 90% of your used mattress is reusable? There are so many companies that accept old mattresses for recycling purposes. If you have decided to send your mattress to an organization that is offering to take it but you don’t know how to drop it off at the location, call a junk removal company which offers the services of mattress disposal.

Mattress Donation

If you have bought a new mattress with your old still reusable, you can donate it to your friends or relatives or charities. It is better to give it away instead of throwing it out.

Mattress Removal

If your mattress is beyond recoverable and there is no chance that anyone can make anything good out of it, you can discard it. But this gives rise to another important question, how are you going to dispose of the mattress? Consult any junk removal company and they will pick the mattress up from your place. Also, these companies take bedbug-infested mattresses as well but make sure you tell them so that the mattress is not kept with other reusable furniture.

Mattress Reselling

If your old furniture is not badly damaged, you can get a good deal on it. You can list it for selling and make some quick money off it. However, if your mattress is infested by bed bug, don’t put it on sale as the bugs will easily travel to your buyer’s house, causing a great trouble.

Mattress Swapping

Many companies offer the deal where they exchange their new mattress with your old one. You only have to pay the difference. These companies also pick up the mattress from your doorstep if you hire them for delivering the new mattress to your place. This is a good option to avail if your mattress is in a fairly good condition.


Instead of dumping your mattress in a landfill, it is better if you call a professional company for collecting the mattress from your house and disposing it of in an efficient way.