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Why E-Waste is a Problem

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The problem of e-waste or electronic waste is rapidly increasing throughout the world. With new innovations and improved standard of living, people’s reliance on electronic gadgets is increasing at a fast pace.

Even though there is no dispute on the importance of electronic gadgets, these gadgets become a nuisance once they’ve completed their life. But disposing of your e-waste is not easy. You cannot just dump them in a garbage bin.

You have to hire professional junk removal companies to get your used gadgets disposed of responsibly. Keeping in view the adverse impact of e-waste on the environment and public health, it is important that you dispose of your assets efficiently. Here are some reasons why e-waste is a problem.

1. It Continues to Grow

Used or dated smartphones, laptops, and other electrical appliances comprise e-waste. These items are found in every household in large numbers. For instance, you are a family of five. Now, each family member will have a separate phone and a laptop. This means that on average, your household has 10 electronic gadgets at a time. These gadgets are then discarded after their latest version is released. There, at present, is no mechanism to deal with this waste or to reduce it. Since the consumption of electronic items is high, the waste keeps growing.

2. E-Waste is Hazardous

Electronic items normally contain toxic substances such as lead. When these items are discarded senselessly, they wreak havoc with the environment. If these items land in water, their toxic material poses potential threat to marine life. In fact, the recycling process of these items has to be carried out under safe conditions as the by-products produced in the recycling process are toxic to human health.

3. Data Security

Your computer’s hard drive or your phone’s storage card have important data. When people dispose of their gadget, they are worried that their sensitive information will land in wrong hands. Many people have complained about identity theft after their data was stolen by some miscreants.

How to Dispose of E-Waste Responsibly

Keeping in view the hazardous effect of e-waste, it is important to dispose them of responsibly. Have a look at some of the ways that you can adopt for responsibly discarding e-waste.

1. Donate at Non-Profit Organizations

At times, the reason why people change their phone has nothing to do with the working abilities of old phones. They change it because they want to use the latest model of a phone. These old working phones/laptops, then, can be donated to non-profit organizations which can put them to good use.

2. Recycle at an Electronics Store

There are a number of electronics stores that accept old electronic gadgets of customers who are making new purchases. Before buying a new gadget, ask them if they would like to have your old phone. This is a good way of discarding your old gadgets.


Getting rid of electronic junk is not as easy as it may sound. Always remember to hire a professional to responsibly discard your used electronic gadgets.