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What Factors Affect the Cost of Professional Junk Removal?

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If you’ve ever considered hiring a professional junk removal company to help you get rid of the junk you’ve accumulated over the years, you may very well know this service doesn’t come cheap. This is one of the primary reasons that keep people from hiring professionals for junk removal.

Have you ever wondered why is professional junk removal so costly when all they do is pick up your junk and discard it? Well, it’s not that simple. Various factors come into play when a junk removal company gives you a quote.

Let’s take you through all the factors that affect the cost of professional junk removal.

Quantity of Junk

The first and the biggest factor that affects the overall cost of junk removal is how much junk you wish to get removed. The more junk, the higher will be the cost. This is because if there’s a lot of junk, the junk removal company will have to use a larger truck to haul away all the junk in one go. A smaller truck will do if the quantity of junk is fairly small. It might surprise you – the cost of 1 large truck can be as much as $600.


Another important factor is the weight of the junk. The quantity of junk may not be a lot but if the junk is heavy, expect the junk removal company to charge you higher. For example, if your junk comprises heavy furniture or appliances, they’ll need to use heavier equipment and more labor, and that’s what will add to the overall cost of junk removal. You can’t argue over the fact that the stuff you’re getting rid of is only a small truck full because the heavier the weight of the junk, the more people it would take to lift it. If it’s too heavy, the company may have to bring in larger weight-lifting equipment.


Many junk removal companies charge on the basis of time. If it takes the company only an hour or two to move all the junk off your property, you can expect to be charged less as compared to what you’ll be charged if the junk removal takes several hours. For example, if you live on the ground floor, junk removal will be quicker. However, if your apartment is on the 10th floor, it’s going to take the junk removal professionals much longer to get the junk off your property.

Number of People Involved

As we mentioned earlier, if there’s too much junk or if the junk is too heavy, the company will have to involve more people to get the job done quickly. The more the people involved, the higher you should expect to be charged.

If you look closely, the cost of professional junk removal is totally justified and fair. Make sure you hire an experienced junk removal company because only experienced professionals would be able to do the job the right way.