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Are You a Hoarder or Just Lazy?

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Getting rid of stuff that people once held dear can be challenging for them due to any number of reasons. Sometimes throwing out an item can be tough because it was a gift from your mother or a special friend, while other times, laziness can be the culprit behind you choosing to let things be just as they are. Typically anyone with a heaping pile of useless stuff at home ends up with it because of the ever-changing reasons; one day, an item has a special meaning, and the next, moving it will be too much effort. While that’s mostly the case, for some people collecting things can be a compulsion caused by unpleasant feelings. When a person feels forced to hoard stuff because they are stressed or plagued by negative thoughts, they tend to become habitual because it becomes a coping mechanism for them. Such individuals are named hoarders or compulsive hoarders in the world of psychiatry.

Feeling an overpowering urge to stock things is a real medical condition that requires consistent effort and determination if the person wants to get better. However, if someone doesn’t sort things and lets them pile up into unsightly clutter because they are lazy, that’s not a psychological problem. But unfortunately, many people confuse the two phenomena (or deliberately choose to do so) and use the psychiatric terminology mindlessly even when they do not have the condition. Why people do so is beside the point, the important thing is that we right this wrong. Therefore, we will discuss the difference between hoarding and laziness so that you know what you have.

You Are Lazy If

Thinking about decluttering and getting rid of unwanted items drain you and make you feel listless. When you don’t feel a compelling urge to stockpile, you are not a compulsive hoarder.

You Are A Hoarder If

Thinking about getting rid of things makes you anxious. When you think about throwing stuff out and feel as though something terrible will happen if you do it, the chances are you have the medical condition.

The moment you realize that your tendency to keep things stashed is driven by your mind and not tiredness, consult a specialist right away.

You Are Lazy If

You keep stalling decluttering. When you know you need to sort things and get rid of unnecessary stuff, but you keep procrastinating getting the job done, then you are just indolent.

You Are A Hoarder If

Negative emotions force you to collect stuff. When you feel distressed or emotionally disturbed, and to cope with all the unsettling feelings, you feel the need to acquire things and keep them, then you have the psychiatric condition.

You might have met several people who would have told you that they are hoarders when, in reality, they aren’t. But the next time you come across such a person, ask them questions and help them understand if they are genuinely sick or not. Don’t let them continue living in ignorance; instead, educate them and help end the widespread misinformation.

And if you need help decluttering because you are too lazy to do it yourself, don’t hesitate to call a reliable junk removal company.